Spring cleaning: simpler login and the road ahead

Posted on 18th April 2017 by Adam Barclay

A little while back now we purchased the domain timestamp.io to allow us to and consolidate our branding and act as our primary Web URL. Until now all users have continued to login to Timestamp using their company specific URL.

Easier team time and new pricing

Posted on 13th August 2016 by Adam Barclay

How often have you wished you could get your colleague to enter his time on time, or your boss has asked you to manage her timesheet for the week? Up until now you would have to log in to their account, a cumbersome and bad practice. Thankfully, that is a thing of the past!

Timestamp.io rebranding

Posted on 15th February 2016 by Adam Barclay

Timestamp has a brand new home, timestamp.io. Our marketing site has moved, and in time the app will migrate as well.

A new summary report

Posted on 11th January 2016 by Adam Barclay

In an effort to simplify reporting and to make it more useful for seeing what is going on with your projects we have introduced a new 'Summary' report, consolidating the previous Effort, Cost and Revenue reports.

November update

Posted on 19th November 2015 by Adam Barclay

Another month and a another round of updates to make Timestamp easier to use, with many changes to improve usability and fix bugs based on customer feedback.

The new look project page

Posted on 21st September 2015 by Michael Taylor

Understanding the state of your projects is vital to maintaining a healthy business, so we've made it a little easier by introducing a new grid layout for your projects.

A FreeAgent spotlight on one of our customers

Posted on 3rd September 2015 by Adam Barclay

One of our first customers, Will Richardson of Green Element, has recently taken part in a case study with FreeAgent that dives in to his use of Timestamp with FreeAgent, showing how valuable the two products have become to the success of his business.

We're part of the Basecamp family

Posted on 26th June 2015 by Adam Barclay

We are proud to now officially be a part of the Basecamp family with our new add-on that lets you import your todos and projects and track time effortlessly against them.

Import FreeAgent invoices and see your true profit

Posted on 19th June 2015 by Adam Barclay

Hot on the heels of our FreeAgent expense import comes invoice import, allowing you greater insights in to the true profitability of your projects instead of just an ideal.

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