Timestamp.io rebranding

Timestamp has a brand new home, timestamp.io. Our marketing site has moved, and in time the app will migrate as well.

Ever since we started Timestamp back in 2013 we've really wanted to get a snappy domain name. Timestamp.com was always going to be a bit of a stretch as WHOIS states it has been continuously registered since 1995!

Until now we had TimestampHQ.com for the marketing website and followed the Microsoft Office 365 naming convention of {company-name}.ontimestamp.com for the app. That is now changing as we've recently purchased the domain timestamp.io and want to consolidate our presence.

Why Timestamp.io?

As .com's have become more and more saturated, and difficult to come by, various start-ups and software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors have needed to use something else, or add prefixes or suffixes (e.g. get{brand-name}.com or {brand-name}hq.com) to overcome the shortage. Because of its input/output connotations and its shortness, .io has become a highly desirable alternative to .com.

What does this mean?

TimestampHQ.com will continue to work as it always has, but you will notice that it now redirects to timestamp.io. A number of changes will be incoming.

Timestamp marketing website and blog

https://www.timestamp.io -> https://www.timestamp.io

https://blog.timestamp.io -> https://blog.timestamp.io

Timestamp app and API

This one needs a little more time to cook, but the app and it's API will be moving to a single subdomain under the timestamp.io address:

https://{company-name}.ontimestamp.com -> https://app.timestamp.io

https://api.ontimestamp.com -> https://api.timestamp.io

What will be happening to my bookmark to {company-name}.ontimestamp.com?

This will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but for simplicity and clarity, for all customers, we will be moving to:


What do I need to do?

For now - nothing. However, we would recommend bookmarking: https://app.timestamp.io in preparation of the switch. We will of course notify all of our customers when this happens.

Previous timestamp.io functionality

The previous timestamp.io contained a small project by UK Web developer Chris Rowe, that allowed you to turn an UNIX timestamp into a human readable form. If you found this service useful we have reimplemented it, and you can still get it at it's usual place by adding a timestamp (how apt!) to the url... https://www.timestamp.io/1234567890)

I hope this all makes sense, but let us know in the comments if we haven't covered anything!

Adam Barclay