Easier team time and new pricing

How often have you wished you could get your colleague to enter his time on time, or your boss has asked you to manage her timesheet for the week? Up until now you would have to log in to their account, a cumbersome and bad practice. Thankfully, that is a thing of the past!

Track your team's time like a pro

We have just released a new version of Timestamp that gives all account managers the ability to add, edit and delete time for all members of their team.

You have always had the ability to view other team member's time, now when you are viewing their time you will see the omnibar light up with their projects, giving you the same great time entry experience you get for yourself.

Our pricing is changing

With the release of this new feature comes some changes to our pricing, changed to reflect the new ability to add time for other users, and also to reflect the value Timestamp now provides when compared to it's initial launch.

From today our standard plan has a flat rate of just £5/active user/month, with an active user being one that has time or expenses recorded during the billing cycle.

What does this mean?

This change is being made to make the pricing fairer and more straight-forward. These new plans means you can invite an unlimited number of client / external users to your account and never be charged for them. You will only ever pay for a user that has contributed to your success, one that has worked for you and therefore recorded their time and/or expenses.

The change has more of an affect on our reporting-only customers, those who connect their FreeAgent accounts to get a better understanding of their business through Timestamp's project reporting. Before this change it was possible to be able to report on a 30-strong company using just a single user, and paying the base price of £7.50/month.

When reporting on external data we will treat the imported time and expenses just as if they were recorded in Timestamp. This means we will charge based on your FreeAgent usage, the number of people in your tea recording time and expenses in FreeAgent that we import.

What happens to my existing plan?

All users keep their existing plans. If you want the ability to add time for other members of your team you have the chance to switch your plan to a new one with the same pricing as you enjoy now, but with the definition of active users changing to be in-line with our new plans.

You can change your plan from the Billing tab of your account settings quickly and easily.

Sign in or sign up and start saving you and your colleagues' time, focus on your business now!

Adam Barclay