Import FreeAgent invoices and see your true profit

Hot on the heels of our FreeAgent expense import comes invoice import, allowing you greater insights in to the true profitability of your projects instead of just an ideal. Real projects often don't quite work in an ideal way, particular when it comes to what you actually invoice customers.

Invoicing is more than just how many hours you worked or what expenses you have agreed to re-bill. It's often discounts, late payments, extra items to bill for, set-up fees or even just a small adjustment for rounding purposes.

We were already keeping the totals of invoices created through Timestamp up to date, but all other invoices would be ignored. This could mean your profitability calculations drifted away from reality. It also meant if you were only interested in reporting you had no profitability calculations at all.

From today you can enable invoice importing from the FreeAgent add-on either through our advanced mode or by re-selecting any one of our quick-start modes (they will all import invoices when turned on) and we will keep your invoices up to date and you can see the true profit of your projects.

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Adam Barclay