November update

Another month and a another round of updates to make Timestamp easier to use, with many changes to improve usability and fix bugs based on customer feedback.


Did you find it frustrating that you had to reset your invoicing options every time you wanted to create an invoice for a customer? We did too. Now, everytime you change the invoicing settings for a client we will save them for the next invoice.

Project Profitability

Fixed a bug with profitability calculations when you had re-billed expenses and had no invoicing provider (FreeAgent or Xero) enabled. Now we can show what your actual profit would be if you invoice all time and expenses exactly as entered in to Timestamp.


It is now possible to mark a user an 'Account Reporter', a user that has report-only views of everything in your account but has no ability to make any changes.

This new user role is important in many situations, such as giving access to your accountant or perhaps directors of the company that are only interested in the output of all of your hard work.

Everything else

We have also fixed many bugs, and made lots of small changes too numerous to list out in full, so here's a quick pick of some:

  • Handle up to 4 decimal places in invoice line items when interacting with Xero
  • More information about what has happened during an import from your connected add-ons
  • Correctly handle bills being imported from FreeAgent to get a more accurate profit view of your projects
Adam Barclay