We're part of the Basecamp family

We are proud to now officially be a part of the Basecamp family with our new add-on that lets you import your todos and projects and track time effortlessly against them.

If you use Basecamp and need to be able to track your time against the todos you have then Timestamp can import them all for you and allow you and your team to track all the hours spent on a project.

Being able to track your time against your todo lists means being able to analyse your time using our powerful reports.

  • What did we spend the most time on?
  • Who has been working the most on this project?
  • How much can we / should we have been charging our client this project?

Timestamp will be able to help you answer these questions and get to the heart of your projects and your business.

We believe Basecamp is great for managing the work a project requires, but without knowing how you actually spend your time doing that work figuring out how well the project is doing can be challenging.

With a small amount of configuration you will be able to see whether a project is on-budget, how much time is unbillable and ultimately whether the project was even profitable.

How do I enable it?

Just jump over to the Basecamp add-on in Timestamp and click 'Enable'. We will then start importing your projects and todos.

Not got an account yet? Create an account now for a 14 day free trial.

Where do I find out more?

You can find out more about our integration, and our listing on the marketplace at:

Adam Barclay