A new summary report

In an effort to simplify reporting and to make it more useful for seeing what is going on with your projects we have introduced a new 'Summary' report, consolidating the previous Effort, Cost and Revenue reports. The new summary report is another small step in making reporting more useful and stops you having to jump back and forth between different reports to get an overview of what is going on with your projects.

A little extra

Of course we have also been updating other parts of the app, fixing bugs, improving performance and making Timestamp that bit better to use. A glimpse at some of the things we have done recently:

  • Fixed a tricky bug that would sometimes cause a timer to be started tomorrow, depending on what time you started it and your own time zone

  • Fixed downloading CSV files in Safari to not open directly in Safari, bringing it inline with the Excel downloads and other browsers

  • Add a new notification should your credit card be due to expire. Just a little helping hand to keep your Timestamp access uninterrupted

We have plenty more in the pipeline, including more reporting and timesheet improvements, making sure you are getting good data in, and even more useful data out.

Adam Barclay