September roundup: Pricing, add-ons, approvals and project insights

Timestamp has been available for a while now and has seen a number of new features and enhancements, including better time entry, comprehensive expenses system, continuously improving approvals and comprehensive add-on infrastructure. We feel now is the right time to introduce billing, rewarding our loyal early adopting customers and looking forward to the future with the next phase of project insights.


We have just gone live with our automated billing integration into Stripe, which means that Timestamp will no longer be free to use beyond the initial trial period.

To all our early adopters – many thanks to everyone who contributed feedback over the last few months. You’ve really helped us to make Timestamp a better product! As a special thank you, all early adopters will get a 30 day grace to decide if you to subscribe to Timestamp at the special discounted rate of £2 per user / per month, for life. More details will be forthcoming through our in app Intercom messaging system when the billing is live.

All new subscribers will get an initial 30-day trial and will then need to pay £3.50 per user/ per month, or get downgraded to our ‘free forever’ plan. See our pricing page here for more details.


The Xero add-on is also nearing go-live. There is some final work to complete, and then some approval work from Xero to become an official add-on.


Over the past few months we’ve received a few comments from some of our customers regarding Timestamp’s approval system. One of the main sticking points seemed to be understanding the need to approve a user for a project they were a member of, but for which they had booked no time to for a week. Because Timestamp doesn’t require explicit timesheet submissions, it is left to the approver to differentiate between the following scenarios:

  • The user has forgotten to add time and needs to complete their Timesheet correctly. The approver should reject.
  • The user legitimately did no time on the project. The approver should approve.

In Timestamp the approver must make this call, rather than the user.

To improve this workflow we re-jigged the approvals interface into three distinct areas:

  • Approval required – all pending, resolved and rejected timesheets for the time period.
  • Zero hour week – depending on whether you are approving by project, or by user, this section either contains all the users that did zero hours on the project, or all the projects that a user did zero hours on. You can now quickly scan through these and approve all. Approve all zero hour weeks

  • Approved – all the work that has been approved for the week.

We believe this should cut down the noise with regards to approvals when people are associated with many projects and therefore speed up this vital part of your workflow. Please let us know what you think.

Project insights

We’re now working full-time to improve the reporting and project analytics work outlined in previous blog posts. We’re aiming to provide more feedback on where we currently are, and where we’ll be going very shortly.


We’re also planning a series of technical and general startup blog posts over the next few months to highlight the technologies and design decisions we used whilst building Timestamp. Hopefully, you can learn from our mistakes!

Michael Taylor

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