Natural language time tracking

When we sat down to design Timestamp we realised that the key to getting useful output from a time tracking system is getting quality time data input into it in the first place.

We realised that the easiest way to ensure quality data input is to make time entry as quick and easy to accomplish as possible. Our solution, which we call the Omnibar, is a natural language input box that presents various prompts that help you complete your time entry with the minimum of fuss.


Announcing Timestamp – Win back your time…

We are excited to announce Timestamp.

Timestamp is the time tracking system that helps you run your business more efficiently. Timestamp helps you answer many important day-to-day business decisions:

  • Are your team members being fully utilised?
  • How much time is spent doing non-billable activities?
  • Does your team have time to take on a new project?
  • When will you run out of time or money on this project?
  • Are you billing the correct time to your clients?