Your account overview is here

Building on previous work on our project overview & insights we are introducing an account overview. This overview will bring to your attention the current state of your company, from an invoice timeline to important and recent projects so you can better understand what is happening right now.

From now all account managers will land in the account overview, an area that gives you quick access and a quick overview of your company and the projects you are working on. This is designed to answer quick questions and give you a 100-foot view of important things happening in your account, being used as a springboard for other features of Timestamp.

What's there?

At the moment we have 3 feature areas, but we will continue to refine what is available over time to make this ever more useful:

  • Projects at a glance - The projects list is designed to surface important projects, those that are over or nearing their budget or whose target completion date is nearing
  • Invoice timeline - A quick look at your invoices over a 12 month period, showing where invoices are paid as well as those that are due or overdue.
  • Recent time & expenses - Get an overview of what has recently been happening across your company with recently submitted time entries and expenses

What's next?

As we have done previously, we are releasing the overview in an early state so we can get feedback. We are working towards something useful that really answers the questions you have on a daily basis about the health of your business. This means you can expect over the coming months for the overview to improve and change to accommodate your feedback and suggestions.

Adam Barclay