Introducing add-ons – FreeAgent

The Timestamp team are pleased to announce support for a number of new third-party add-on categories and our first add-on – FreeAgent.

Our first official add-on is the brilliant FreeAgent – this covers both data import of FreeAgent contacts and projects (data import) and the ability to create, and track invoices based on time you and your team log.

At Red Sequence we use FreeAgent for all accountancy and invoicing. If you’re not already a FreeAgent user and want to see what all the fuss is about then why not set-up a free trial.

The new add-on categories currently support data import and invoicing scenarios. Over time this will expand to provide other interesting hooks that make Timestamp part of the larger Cloud ecosystem. These categories complement our existing abilities to synchronize users and provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for customers with Office 365 or Google Apps.

We plan to support many other add-ons and add-on categories over time. If you have anything you consider a priority then why not create a free account and get in touch?

Take a look at our features page for more information.

Michael Taylor

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