In-app announcements are live

We are constantly working on and improving Timestamp with new features, changes and fixes going live regularly and now you can keep up to date with these changes from within Timestamp itself! Before today when we pushed new features and changes to Timestamp it was not always obvious we had done so. What's the good in delivering improvements if no-one actually knows about them?

From now we are going to be making it more obvious when features are released, changes are made and value has been added by doing two things. The first is to make more regular postings here on the blog to detail some of the smaller changes in addition to the major changes we have been talking to. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, we have pushed these product changes & announcements in to Timestamp itself.

How does it work?

When you load Timestamp you will now see a new menu item at the bottom of the menu, which allows you to view all of our changes, with recent changes you may have missed highlighted.

In addition we will also push a notification to you to alert you of changes. We do not want to interrupt you for anything other than major updates so this is a discrete notification that you can ignore until you are ready.

Inspired by others

We were inspired by others in the SaaS market, including two tools vital to our business GoSquared and Intercom. James Gill talks about GoSquared's WuFoo inspiration, linking to a great talk by Kevin Hale, Founder of Wufoo and Partner at Y Combinator, on "How to Build Products Users Love", in lecture 7 of "How to Start a Startup":

What's next?

We have plenty of improvements still to come over the next months, from new add-ons to better reporting capabilities and possibly some improvements to timesheets. Now we have announcements you can keep up to date easily!

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Michael Taylor