Fluid timesheet approvals

We are pleased to announce that our new timesheet approvals system has just been released into production. Instead of just mimicking traditional approval workflows, the system has been designed from the ground up to be simple, intuitive and fluid. Based on extensive feedback from clients, we have done away with roadblocks such as timesheet submission. The best part is that it works responsively on all your devices, from desktop to smartphone.

Timesheet approval allows a level of control over business data. Validating that your team is completing timesheets correctly on a regular basis provides a number of useful business benefits:

  • Quickly see where time is being spent in a regular, structured way.
  • Review and audit the quality of important business data – your time – this allows better decision making.
  • Invoice confidently. Approval locks the week in question, preventing further additions, deletions and modifications to timesheets.

Do you have team members working at a client site? Do you need your client to be able to authorise and approve the time? Your client representatives can now be assigned to projects as approvers. This allows them to approve timesheets without being able to see data that they shouldn’t.

To get a complete overview of the approvals system, check out our help section:

Approvals Overview

We have also prepared a short video covering off Timestamp Natural Language Input & Fluid Approvals:

Michael Taylor

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