We are in the Azure Marketplace!

After working with Microsoft we are happy to announce we are now officially part of the Azure Marketplace! We have had integration with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory since our inception, and now this makes it easier for others to find us from their existing subscriptions.

Having integration with Azure Active Directory and Office 365 means that your users can sign-in with their existing credentials. No more forgetting passwords, no more worrying about password policies, just more getting work done. Getting your whole team on board can give you great insight into your projects, allowing you to know exactly where all your time is being spent. Are you spending a lot of time on non-billable tasks? Perhaps admin is outweighing billable work? With all of your team and great project insights you can answer these questions and more.

Where do I find out more?

You can find out more about our integration, and our listing on the marketplace at:

Michael Taylor