Add-ons 2.0 and FreeAgent

Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at ways to improve the flexibility of our current add-ons, and pave the way for new add-ons. It’s taken a little bit longer than expected, but we’re happy to announce that this work is finally done.

Unless you’re using our FreeAgent add-on there are no immediate benefits, but over the coming weeks we’ll be working through some of the add-ons outlined here.

In the meantime, if you use FreeAgent and Timestamp you can now make use of the following additional improvements.

  • Optionally import any combination of Contacts (Clients), Projects, Tasks, Timeslips (Time Entries) and Users. Previously, only Clients, Projects and Tasks were imported and could not be disabled. Time Entry and User import is new, and should aid people evaluating Timestamp with an existing investment in FreeAgent’s time tracking.

  • A new add-on user interface that not only allows more fine-grained control over what is enabled, but where applicable, the ability to change what is imported. For example, you can choose whether to synchronize Project rates or not. The number of settings available to manage will increase over time.

By default, if you’ve previously enabled the FreeAgent add-on then Time Entry and User sync will initially be disabled. Simply go here to turn them on. To see more of the benefits of using FreeAgent with Timestamp, visit the new add-on page.

Single sign-on has also been moved from its old home under Account, and given the add-on treatment. You can now get the same insight in to what work we are doing when importing your users as with our other add-ons.

Whilst we were updating the add-on section of the Timestamp marketing website, we took the opportunity to clean it up a bit and hopefully, make it more informative. As always, let us know what you think!

Michael Taylor

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